8 thoughts on “Ages 7-9 poster about Graphic Design RYAN

  1. Caitlin Davidson says:

    You guys did really well on this brief. Kids would love the alien stickers and planets, you went with a bright rich colours on throughout this project which is perfect for kids. I would change the solar system poster and make it more child-friendly/fun etc.

  2. Sulin Hua says:

    The alien and planet stickers really appeal to me! I really like haha. Solar system works for me. One thing is just using a similar illustration style as the stickers think it would’ve been fine since this is targeted at 7-9 yo’s

  3. Cyril Pascual says:

    agree with sulin and caitlin and also I probably couldve made the title more child friendly, like not so blocky and maybe like rounded edges and not so straight and all that > couldve used more of creative/decorative fonts

  4. Berzsiah Hohepa says:

    I really like the idea of interaction as the main element of a children’s poster. I also think the sticker colours, scale, illustrations and content work really well with the theme and overall concept.
    Also agree the main poster would be more effective if we used more playful, not so precise design elements.

  5. Ryan Walker says:

    Our concept idea was a good choice, we should of made both the stickers and poster more cohesive doing things like, simplifying the poster to make it more kid friendly, simplifying the words down to stuff that appeals more to kids and followed the same art design

  6. Puff Yao says:

    It’s really obvious to recognize what your target audience was. And the use of playful stickers absolutely attract children and arouse their interests in graphic design. Only one thing is that the design of main poster is not quite suitable for children, it’s better to change the font.

  7. Ben Liu says:

    interesting idea but the pure and soft color is more acceptable for kid form my personal experience.

  8. Katie Paterson says:

    I believe that this poster successfully targeted their demographic, as I believe that kids would love interacting with it. I think the bright colours would really appeal to 7-9 year olds, but I think that the solar system poster could be simplified for the children.

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