Amanda Gamlen

Amanda Gamlen (Strand 1) Review/Extend

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Workshop Week Booklet 

For workshop week we were asked to create a graphic book, the materials I used included: Watercolour paper, Charcoal, Fake blood, 1 x A3 envelope, Wood, Hinges, Chicken bones. My booklet was titled Memento Mori and was based on existentialism. What I would like to focus on in Strand 1 is the book format rather than the conceptual elements of the project. Though I was pleased with the way the final craft turned out if I were going to tackle this brief again I definitely would’ve made the booklet electronically rather than by hand. Further research required to extend on my graphic booklet would include: mind mapping (everyday life/objects) and imagery research



Mind Map

Through my mind map I have decided to make a graphic booklet based on tattoo designs as that is something I’m interested in and could see myself doing in future. I got to this idea through looking at instagram accounts I follow and filtering my favourite which mostly consisted of tattoo artists. I feel that making a booklet of tattoo designs would utilise my talents which line drawing and computer programmes such as indesign, photoshop and illustrator.