Ben Liu

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16/10 The Kit named ‘Blahblem’

As a second language speaker, my trouble is the communication even now it still exists. Earlier when I first arrived New Zealand and started college I found it’s really hard to make friend with English people because the language, I was definitely not confident to speak with them also the culture is different the way of communicate is different, its hard to find a topic to start a conversation. So the kit is going to be made for those English as second language speaker who finding difficult to talk to other people with English without confident and without a topic.

         I found most English speakers like to interact whit others for examples I can see many people holding a ‘free hug’ sign or ‘kiss me’ sign, and people like to react with them and it’s a really good stage to learn English and to learn about them, their culture for us which English as second language young and needs friend.

         Basically I have included 4 main things in that kit: T-shirts, card game, calendar, stickers. Those thing looks like has nothing to do with English but yes they don’t, because the function for them is for the user of how they going to do with those staff in the kit, for example the T-shirt, I’d like to design it to make it as a sign for other to talk with me rather than make the user to try to talk with other because it never going to work, I have been there.

Then is the card game only the T-shirt is not enough because after people have said ‘hey, blah blah blah’ they still need something to carry on with and that is the most important problem with any conversation and it has any solutions but this particular situation, I what to make a card game system, its like a game people chose the sentences on the card and it brings to next sentences like a AVG Japanese games, then its leading a topic or something that don’t freeze the conversation like getting each other’s phone number or something.

Then is the calendar and the stickers they both can be works together or alone, I want to make a calendar that can be used as a dairy can simply document every day’s emotions by sticking stickers on to it, I want to make them stylish, funny, interesting, fun with simple English and imagery to let the user to get use to with their point of how things is funny in English.