Francesca Hills


My idea has taken a turn and started to develop into something more political/social/war related.
After doing some brainstorming for my connect with the labyrinth idea, I left the labyrinth idea behind as I was finding it to hard to find a link between the visual representation and the idea itself. I found myself fixated on the idea of “The Rat Race”. I wanted to look at politicians who have repeatedly lied and cheated their way into the system and the effect they did/didn’t leave on the people. From there, I went deeper into my research and started to look into the idea behind terrorism and the media and the link between them both, I found myself curious about the lack of information provided in news articles from local news websites that say anything about the war in Syria, most of the ‘terrorism’ articles fixated o the country the local newspaper was in, or just the USA.
After talking to Rebecca and they year 2 students on Monday, they said to focus on the media and the lack of knowledge that the average joe has about terrorism and war, as it is a strong topic to talk about and it may actually help educate people about what is happening, or perhaps give a different perspective.
So from there I have looked at current political art and how its referencing previous wars, or local/national elections that are going to effect a lot of the world (USA, Trump) and I have done brainstorms with my informations in regards to the context I can use and what works effectively within a visual aspect.
Now, my current idea has evolved into a book that is going to illustrate the difference between what we see from the media, and what is ACTUALLY happening. I want to call it “Rich Mans War, Poor Mans Blood”. The way I want to create the book is the same style as my workshop week book design, which was a concertina book. The idea is for it to flip both ways, from one cover to the other and tell 2 different stories or show 2 different things, one: The Rich Man’s War, and two: The Poor Mans Blood.
So far this is my final idea but with a little bit more refinement I will be able to begin making the book and start creating and designing the illustrations that are to go inside.



I want to show people that if you live on this planet, it is your problem. If you live on the other side of the world it is still your problem. If you see it on the news or hear about it it is your problem.
I want people who have a one sided opinion to become open to all possibilities.
I want people to have a better understanding of the world around them.
I want to tell people that when it comes to the downfall of one country, when it comes to terrorism and war and political decisions there is always a right and wrong angle on both sides.
I want people to look at where they are and consider how they would feel if they were in someone else’s shoes.
I want to tell people that it takes the most SIMPLE, BASIC forms of caring and compassion to help yourself and others.
I want those who see this to think about what is happening around them.
I want people to feel sympathetic, I want people to stop selfish thoughts and urges.
I want people to understand that the ideas of right and wrong are no different from each other in these situations.

being a rat is one thing
being treated like on is another.