Joe Watson

Joe: Strand 1 Proposal


Strand 1 Proposal

Starting from my Las Meninas work in term 2, I want to build on the concept of an imaginary city.
In my Las Meninas work I took the characters from Velazquez’s piece and placed them in a city scape with the girl and her two servants as a sculpture. The rest of the drawing revolved around the sculpture as it was the centre piece. I want to take this concept of revolving around something and inject it into my project.

For my project I’m looking at the daily journey I take through the city and taking photographs of the buildings that I don’t know the purpose of. I want to photograph the unknown and illustrate an imaginary interior from the windows and door frames of buildings which I pass by on a daily basis,  giving the viewer a perception of fantasy within an unknown exterior.

I want to capture the buildings straight on in order to capture the essence of passing by a row of buildings and displaying that sense of a journey. I’m thinking about aligning the photographs as a panoramic in order to give the viewer an overview of my journey and how my imagination perceives the interiors as I walk. I am considering to do this by means of animation by having people and items pop up inside the frames. My alternate to animation is a series of layered still shots that the viewer can flick through, this will allow for the viewer to interact with the project and go through the shots at their own pace.

I feel that the front on photos will suit my illustration style as I typically draw in a 2dimensional manner. I will be using illustrator brushes and a variety of vivid tones. I want the viewer to be excited by what they are looking at and to use their own imagination in the spaces that i haven’t filled.

Joe: Animation Research and Aesthetics


These 3 images are snapshots from gifs, I want to use the visual aesthetic and use of colour in these images within my style that will overlay real photography.


I’m inspired by the quirkiness of Terry Gilliam’s work, his use of imagination and photography runs along a similar line with my concept.


Jean Julien’s animation “It’s Nice That” tells the story of life and how times runs by, I want my animation to also suggest a journey and make use of a timeline.


Gif snapshots. I will use this technique instead of having fluent animation.