Puff Yao


Strand 1 proposal


I’m going to design a publication about something is different from expectation. I have collected lots of information from people in school and in order to represent well, I want to combine photos of places and illustration to create like a comic book.For my everyday experience, one thing is that I like drink cokes. Once I grabbed the wrong one and there were cigarette butts inside. Even though it was really disgusting, it inspired my idea for the project. At the beginning, I only want to take photographs of containers like coke can, milk bottle etc. and also take photos of what inside. But it is kind of boring to do only containers, and most of the stories is not about stuffs, and some of them are quite hard to use photos to express. Then I changed to use both photos and illustration.

The size of the book is going to be A5 and probably I will use thick quality papers to create at least 16 pages. The photos of places will be taken somewhere in Auckland and then I will use photoshop or illustrator to add figures on the top. Solid colors will appear in some pages, basically the color palette is white as the photos are colorful. Also the figures will be white and some other colors. I’m still struggling with the layout. It might going to be grids of images in different position. Some of the stories will have two frames and one is on the front and the other is at the back of the page. While some of them have more than two images are going to be designed in one page. The cover is hard to decide what style is suitable and connected with the content. One of the ideas is just use the word “expectations” in a modern or an illustration style. During the process, I might try different ideas to see which one is better.1 2 coverback