Sulin Hua

Sulin Hua: Scale and Cost

Estimated a measurement that I’d like my final print out to be on the wall in the classroom using my yellow crayon highlighter, if you can see the yellow markings in the image below, (chair for scale reference).

Original scale: H x W, 1500mm x 2700mm




Layout was sorted so now to fit to scale. we can see that the layout is not as tall as my estimate.



So through trials of changing the measurement it as been finalised to

H x W, 12500mm x 2700mm





This place was recommended by Isoné. awesome website and great place for printing larger prints than the standard 1 metre height.




Paper choice:


Sulin Hua: Layout and concept

Playing around with the layout was much easier done when I physically had all the pieces in front of me rather than on the computer because my movement on the computer wouldn’t be fast enough to follow my thoughts.



For a concept when I wanted to create my maze I thought about maybe making odd pathways through the buildings but I felt it didn’t fit in with the linear kind of structure.





Sulin Hua: Strand 1 development

build1 build2 build3This is just a clustered view of all the buildings I’ve done so far,

realistically I’m probably aiming for 15 builds depending on time.

Also see what projection idea I can brainstorm up.




Got feedback from crit session, and I also agree too.

  • been play A LITTLE bit with colour too see what difference it makes but definitely time to narrow a colour palette down and have it relevant to myself or maybe colour that all buildings have in common?
  • Having the stairs oversized and all the angles of the buildings fit together quite differently and giving it a distorted kinda feel is good and was what I was kind of going for as well just because it relates to how its always such a maze to get around town and to home especially traveling by foot and bus. It really gives a different perspective to me rather than just driving everywhere in my car where nothing seems dominant because i zoom past each build within seconds and the roof of my car blocks the rest. The surroundings when on foot is so much more dominating and kind of hangs over the top of my view like being stuck deep within a maze or a trap.
  • Having more paths and roads will definitely help more to understand my perspective because it will help the eyes flow through the poster
  • Connect a few more buildings to see a better pictures and sense of direction in this project instead of constantly drawing my builds


Sulin Hua: Progress

Now to proceed further, I need to produce more buildings and also take photos of street views and roads aswell for inspiration when connecting the buildings and adding possibly words




  • AoU new science building
  • Architectural structure is amazing and complex





  • merging buildings together and forming streets




Totally intentional block figures đŸ˜‰

  • completely getting rid of any organic objects, focus primarily on the linear