Zenghuizi Li

MickyLi: 3 Infographic research


Heng Chun Liow has taken the subtle approach. With not a diseased heart in sight, Chun Liow developed this infographic and series of conceptual posters, which combine simple vector graphics and basic facts with the tagline ‘Make your choices. It is your life’. I love the way the simplicity of the design communicates a simple idea, putting the emphasis on personal choice. Even if you couldn’t read the words, the clever illustrations shown above and immediately below convey a message that couldn’t be any clearer.

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Jing Zhang has dived into her creative mind and produced a series of adorable infographics. Here, she’s imagined elves hard at work inside our favorite gadgets with some cute illustrations and quirky annotations.


This is the third iteration of Pop Chart Lab‘s popular superpower infographic, the material sourced from the last 75 years of comic books and broken down into seven main skills sets; powers of the mind, animal powers, mastery, powers of the body, force control, object manipulation and weapons-based.

This vibrant design is seriously impressive, the sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreading over six square feet. I also love the final rendered vintage-style design, which pays tribute to the great cosmic covers of the Bronze Age of Comics.

Micky Li :Peer Interview

Interviewer: Puff Yao

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Constellation: Pisces

Dressing Style: No pattern, simple, solid color, loose

Favorite clothing type: hoodie,wide trousers

Color: black, iridescent

Height: 158cm

Make up everyday?: No

Music type: R&B, Rap, K-Pop

Ear pierced: Yes

Tatto: No, but want it

Favorite Designer: El Lissitzky

Favorite Character: Johnny Depp

Favorite Anime:Totoro

Favorite Brand:Muji

Movie typeInspirational movie


Witch country you want to visit most: Japan

Personal art style: dark, express humanity, monochromatic