6 thoughts on “English as second language group’s poster

  1. Cyril Pascual says:

    such a good idea!!! and this is really picky and is probably hard to do with the things you guys have done but maybe looking at icon sets to tie everything together đŸ™‚

  2. Berzsiah Hohepa says:

    I like the use of a phone as the main image – makes what is being communicated relatable to basically anyone who owns a phone. Effective use of space, composition, symbols and content – simple, educational and easy to follow. I think the backgrounds very busy and takes focus off trying to read what is being communicated in the middle so maybe could be a bit more subtle..

  3. Ryan Walker says:

    This would of been very hard to work out what to use so that people with troubles with english would be able to comprehend. The thing that i would find that make it hard to comprehend is the use of non simple design words, maybe by simplifing words or trying to find more relatable icons eg photoshop tool icons? that are universal for any language. Otherwise strong concept and very eye catching

  4. Jiabao Wang says:

    I love the design, it’s my favorite one. I really like the background and repetition on it, the colour also catch my attention. It’s good to use mobile as the concept because everyone uses mobile and it’s easy for people whose english as second language to understand what is graphic design. And the Icon is also good.

  5. Katie Paterson says:

    I really like this design! I like the use of the different languages in the background, which makes it relate to English as a second language. I like how all of the icons relate to graphic design, and how you have covered a wide range of skills that come from graphic design. I believe you have successfully shown what graphic design incorporates through this poster!

  6. Scarlett Harradine-Stevenson says:

    I really like this, I think that the colour scheme works really well. I think that the mix of languages is a cool as touch. the only thing that i would mention is that the icons don’t really match and I think if they were bigger and followed the background colour scheme the design would be a bit stronger- otherwise. I think that u guys definitely hit the brief well!

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