5 thoughts on “Group Demographic Project

  1. Caitlin Davidson says:

    i dig the orange colour and the font in the first poster. The second poster is great too but if I was doing things differently I would probably have a different colour background on the last one because it’s sorta hard to read in a way?

  2. Ryan Walker says:

    I like the style of the poster for your final, i would make the sunglasses bigger to make them more comprehend able but without drawing from the pattern, the layout is nicely situated as well

  3. Berzsiah Hohepa says:

    I think the use of repetition makes this poster very effective and engaging. The use of negative space works well and draws me in to want to read what the poster is about. At first I didn’t realise the background images were glasses until looking up close and didn’t quite understand the concept behind it so would maybe try experimenting with other images.

  4. Ben Liu says:

    it looks cool but just can‘t understand why the layout and sunglasses.

  5. Katie Paterson says:

    I like the use of negative space in this poster, as I believe it draws your eye to the text, and along with the colour palette, it simplifies it and makes it easy to read. I like the colour palette that they have used, as it is eye catching, but also nice to look at.

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