10 thoughts on “Group Demographic Work

  1. Caitlin Davidson says:

    I love this whole poster it’s so great. Clever idea and reckon this group did a great job. I would change the font at the bottom though I feel like it doesn’t really go with the whole image but other than that this is awesome.

  2. Sulin Hua says:

    For your group it was targeted for elderly people which I think referencing The Sound Of Music was smart because nowadays people view graphic design as something that’s high tech and too modern but because you used this idea it shows elderly people that we can still relate to them. Agreed with Caitlin, just the type at the bottom

  3. Cyril Pascual says:

    this is such a cute idea! i know we talked about the fonts being suitable for the age group and the colours etc. but maybe even incorporating one of those chunky af computers to empahasize the concept of graphic design while still keeping the obvious ideas and design concepts of the sound of music if that makes sense?

  4. Ryan Walker says:

    The conceptual idea was a really good idea by using something that elderly people can recognize and relate to whilst taking a different approach to it by changing it become graphic design orientated.

  5. Puff Yao says:

    This poster is really a good one. It’s great that your group has considered using bright colors to catch elderly people’s attention and not using modern font for them, but there is not much more information about graphic design and it is better to add more details about it.

  6. Berzsiah Hohepa says:

    I really like the use of manipulating a familiar and well known image to the target audience – it also captures the attention of anyone who knows of the film. The use of a question is very effective and makes me actually think – the effect of also giving the answer gives me a sense of appreciation for Graphic Design… Also the use of hierarchy is good. I think the text would be more effective for the communication of the poster if it was bigger and more bold

  7. Jiabao Wang says:

    I like the way you using music as the concept because it’s easy for elderly people to understand and related with them. And I also like the font on the top, the shape and colour catch my attention and I want to know more about it.People normally won’t associate graphic design with music or sound, it gives them more thinking of graphic design.

  8. Kees Bakker-Reynolds says:

    I like this one, it’s got a great color pallet! The mustard yellow against the deep blue contrasts great, It captivates and pulls your attention. In my opinion the font at the bottom could be changed as I felt it was mixing up the concept of contemporary and vintage too much.

  9. Ben Liu says:

    That is a really cool design for introducing graphic design. it‘s straight forward in too the idea of introducing.

  10. Katie Paterson says:

    I like how our concept related to the elderly as this movie came out when they were children. I like colour palette that we used, as I believe that it’s warm and inviting. I think that we could have changed the font at the bottom.

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