DEMOGRAPHIC AUDIENCE – Children aged 7-9 years

TASK:  Create A3 poster introducing Graphic Design to Demographic Audience – make it exciting and interesting for children so that they want to take up Graphic Design in the future.


brainstorm2 brainstorm


img_9969 img_9967 img_9968

Critique:  Main poster image would be more effective if done in same style as stickers – more fun and playful, bright and vibrant colours, less precise.

4 thoughts on “GROUP EXERCISE – A2 POSTER

  1. Ngapeita Leilua-Gotz says:

    Before I even read the heading, I already knew that your target audience was children because the text is simple and the design is childish & playful. I think this design is creative, but the only thing which doesn’t seem necessary is the postit or sticker. It just seems be placed there to fill the negative space at the bottom, but doesn’t gel with the design. Besides the Postit I really like this poster.

  2. Scarlett Harradine-Stevenson says:

    I think that you guys hit the brief perfectly! I cant really fault this design as I think that the hand on nature of it and the bright colours are just so perfect for your demographic. Overall I love this design and I think you guys thought out everything super well. Pretty much sussed it. Nice job!!!

  3. Rhianah Butter says:

    looks super good, i think you guys did well in having an idea where the kids can engage with your poster

  4. Isoné Olivier says:

    It is definitely clear that the poster is directed at a young audience although like Peeti said the solar system is almost too ‘grown-up’ for the demographic? Also maybe too much space was given to the post-it note in the corner relative to the print size? Otherwise a good outcome.

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